The Road to Demozone

It has been a long time coming for an update.  

Long story short, lots of external events and health conditions have prevented me from working on the game as much as I would have liked.

Also, lots of not very visual changes until only super recently. 

The core things to concern with are this:

  • The camera is now entirely re-worked and the mouse finally locks making it feel 9000x better than before
  • Narration Triggers are in
  • Pickup Interactions are in
  • Point of Interest Interactions are in 
  • Basic physics interactions are in 

Some considerations

  • I'm so close to giving up on the coat.  I didn't anticipate that the camera movements would have any impact on the cloth simulation but now that it's in it's causing all kinds of problems with it and I just don't have the energy anymore to deal with it.  It's a complete shame because it is the thing I was most excited about.
  • I'm now blocking out the world, so the layout you see in the video is mostly preliminary and subject to change to make the alleyway more interesting. 
  • Animation is coming, I promise. I've been fearing this moment since the beginning of the project, but if I at least give up on the coat it'll make it a lot less annoying to get basic animations in there
  • I'm not convinced I'm going to have enough time before the jam is over to submit a complete story, so I'm hoping to polish up some sort of demo at least to see if there's any interest in it to continue making a more full featured product after the jam

There's still a lot to do for this "demo", but even if this thing gets no traction, it's been a heck of a learning experience, which is primarily the reason I joined this jam for this project in the first place.  Stepping completely outside of my comfort zone. 

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