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This wasn't an easy choice.  But it is the right one. 

When I started Moonlight Drive, I had a vision. I was inspired by a single 3 second loop in my head over how I wanted the game to look.  The problem is, I made the cardinal sin of not giving consideration to how the game should play. 

It sucks. 

The controls suck, the interaction model sucks, the cloth dynamics suck, the rigging sucks, the lighting sucks, the level layout sucks. And I was finding myself dreading opening the project, though I had promised myself I'd contribute at least one change per day to keep the momentum going.  Simply put, I was putting to much focus on bringing a picture I had in my mind to life, and then trying to fill in the numerous blanks surrounding that sequence.  This culminated into the trash heap that would lay before me.  And I decided I needed to make a choice: either keep trying to make.. whatever it was I had in front of me work, or, I could salvage the good bits and start fresh. 

I decided after a night of forcing my way through, that the current state of the project had me uninspired and miserable.  

So I chose to restart. 

Image result for gif restart animation

Since starting Moonlight Drive a few major implementation changes have since come to mind that would have been a complete time sink to migrate the existing stuff over, and there's a couple assets from the store that have since caught my attention.  Moonlight Drive is a great way for me to explore those new options. 

Side note, Moonlight Drive will also no longer be a "jam game". It is from this moment forward that all jam related concepts will be swept away. I will be taking my time with Moonlight Drive, because I have a few really cool ideas that will certainly take some time get right, ideas that weren't going to be apart of the game before, but I hope will make the experience a lot more interesting to play through. 

Please bare with me, this is a major pivot, and I thank you for your patience on this one. 

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