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Hi Everyone, long time no see. 

You may or may not have noticed a lack of updates lately. Lack of gifs, lack of images, lack of progress overall.  There's two major factors behind that. 

1. My decision to use the Third Person Character Asset
I didn't anticipate this one blowing up in my face.  When I chose to restart Moonlight Drive, I intended to do so by hitting the ground running with a full features third person character kit.  What follows was immense frustration and weeks of torture just trying to get it to behave.  In the end, I was replacing entire chunks of the asset with other things that did work, and in the end the result wasn't all that great either.  

2. My decision to use Blender instead of Maya
I'm not unfamiliar with Blender, I've been using it off and on for several years for little things here and there. But I wanted to use Blender because I do a lions share of the work on my Laptop and Blender is so SO much faster to use than Maya. It's like the difference between Notepad and Eclipse in terms of startup time. It's crazy.  I'm also familiar with the body of impressive work that's been done in and around Blender, so I know for a pure fact it's a very capable 3d suite.  I knew going in that the transition from Maya to Blender wasn't going to be the easiest, hell I'd tried many times in the past with little success.  This time I really tried to force it, but in the end I have now lost an entire month's worth of progress to Blender, and I am no closer to getting my Detective running around in Unity with a rig that can let me do custom animations and blend shapes. 

So the conclusion I've arrived at is this:  

1. I'm going to roll my own Third Person engine this time, and

2. Going back to Maya, at least for the remainder of this project. 

I genuinely miss making any kind of progress.  I'm throwing in the towel as it were, and I can't wait to get back to regular progress reports. 


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At least you're being honest with us.

I can already report that after a single dev session with Maya, things are progressing at a really nice pace with predictable results.  Genuinely excited to push out some media and screenshots again