Complete Silence? Blame Itchio?

Hi. Long time no see. 

As my legions of followers have probably noticed, this devlog has been.. very quiet.  allow me to explain. 

explanation:  I've moved to a different project following joining a new jam, and in the middle of the jam I had to go through surgery, and the recovery has been a little... on the distracting side.

See, the problem here is that I have indeed been _very_ active despite, but the core issue is that no one will notice it because the project has been behind a "Restricted" game type where only those who have the password to access can access it.  

What does this mean for Moonlight Drive?  allow me to explain. 

1. Quite simply I got a little frustrated, ok, a lot frustrated, with several issues regarding the detective model and all his moving parts.  I concluded that I simply need a bit more experience with simpler characters. 

In response to this complicated list of reasons, I grew more annoyed as the days passed of little to no progress, and my wandering eye noticed a new jam and decided to come back to Moonlight Drive after that. 

And then, as I said, i got surgery and the recovery has been slightly more brutal than anticipated which destroyed my ability to focus on anything else through the pain.  So that sucked. 

This is a really long winding post to explain that simply MD is on the backburner for a bit until I can come back to it with some more confidence. 

In the meantime, my current project, still techncially "Unannounced", is being worked on whenever I can, and it's been just a mess-tonn more fun to work on lately, because it explores a topic I've been interested in for several years and was always too scared to give it a try: online networking

But of course no one can see this project because the git repos are private, and the game is hosted on a restricted itch page, so no dev logs can be seen by anybody.   And there's no real good "Global" blog post on itch, everything is so specifically focus on the game the log is supposed to be associated with.  

Low key i've also been working on the official CSG website.  As a web developer by trade, it's a nice break to take from game dev to go back to my roots, and for this site I decided to try out a fancy shmancy JAMstack site, where the site is a flat javascript website that calls upon an API that rips data from my "Headless" CMS.  It's been a ... journey as apparently most if not all pre-canned headless CMS's suck in their own special little ways, so I've opted to just go ahead and write my own lol. 

So that's what I've been up too.  

When I got more on Bla- I mean "Unannounced" ;) I'll update on this DevLog so everyone can get a chance to see where to go :)


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