A downloadable game for Windows

A frantic time trial first person shooter where the name of the game is to get as many points as possible while fighting the clock. 

Game Design, Programming:
Kyle Harrison  - https://twitter.com/RedactedProfile

Stephen Knudsen - https://twitter.com/MusicKnudsen

Kris Hornseth - https://twitter.com/Kurisu_Games

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere

Double click "ue4jam2019.exe"


ColdSweatGames-Ne10.zip 174 MB

Development log


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The gun feels good, the game looks good, you got a minimalistic target priority gameplay core loop, and despite its simplicity, it's quite engaging. 

THIS is how it's done!

Any plans on developing it further?

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Hi Dibaka! Thank you so much for the kind words :) 

My team and I have been discussing over the past week on which direction to take Ne/10, to spin it into it's own fleshed out polished experience. 

We got some ideas in the works, make sure to watch your notifications for when we make a proper announcement :D 

(also definitely watch our twitter and youtube for updates too! )